Mar 07,2017

8 Steps on How to Curb Video Games Addiction in Children

I used to be a fan of video games when I was growing up. I played Super Mario world, Contra, Duck hunt, and Pac man. It was a real fun time engaging in those games back then. But recently, due to advancement in technology, modern video are designed on purpose to take the concentration, the heart and mind of the player (the victims are usually the young ones), making them to be looking forward to next play time and gradually they become addicted to playing computer/video games. Though, it’s not bad for kids to engage themselves in wholesome computer games sometimes, the point is; parent has a lot to do in this respect. Below are the best steps any parent can take to curb video games addiction in your children.

Take Screens Out of Their Rooms
You don’t want your kids doing what you are not aware of, do you? Take away the screens from their rooms and put it at the sitting room where everybody can monitor the time they spent on playing video games. Relocate the screen; it helps.

Earn Reward for Your Game Time
If your children are already addicted to video game, you must take a firm but gradual approach to shift their mind towards more productive tasks. Remember, don’t expect an instant change. Teach them to put a priority on real life activity by setting a task. Setting a goal like playing a piano or handling homework that must be completed before being allowed to play online games is a task you can set. Most times, kids rush to do the task at hand, but gradually, you are teaching them to take note “of the more important things” than video games.

Set Up a More Rewarding System
For a video game addict, you need to set up another reward system far more than that promised in the game. Are you aware the video game rewards the children too? They might be awarded some coins or gifts after completion of a stage; they will be faced with tougher task to occupy their mind. As a smart parent, design a reward system outside computer games for him – you are on the way to win him back.

Understand Your Kid Social Live
More often than not, researches have concluded reasons why most children become online games addict to be due to zero social life. They have no friend to relate with in real life. Likely, you might be able to come up with maybe 2 or 3 names who you thought to be their friends but how often do they relate? Help your kid to socialize.

Always Set Limits and Mean It
Remember, you have to take this habit from your kid gradually. When you allow them to play video games, make sure you have a prior agreed time with them to turn off the screen. Initially, this won’t make you popular, but you must do it for them – that’s why you are the parent.

Create Avenues At Home for Them to Help
Do you have some chores you need to do? There is nothing wrong if you engage your children, getting them to help you out. There will be a greater bond between parent – children, and you are in effect training them on handling responsibility in the home which is by far better than playing computer games – they will love you for this, try it.

Organize Activities with Other Kids
Since addiction of online game has become a menace in the society, why not talk to 2 or 3 other parents in the neighborhood to come together and have some fun with their children too. Have an interesting activity with the children. No doubt, this will get your children off the couch to join in the activities. He will cultivate friend friendship that will help him to prefer outdoor activity.

Make Fun Time Out with Your Kids
At a particular age, children have the tendency to be with their parent. Utilize the opportunity to get them off the screen. Do things together like cooking, drawing, painting etc. It’s usually a very brief time so you must act very fast. Online game addiction has become a social problem to the young ones in the modern society, only smart parent can pull it off. The points above are what has helped thousands of parent to be successful in curbing the video game addiction in the children. It will help you too.


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