Mar 30,2017

Top 5 educational apps for kids on Android

Purchasing a mini educational tablet can be considered as one of the greatest investments that you could make towards the future of your little one. With a tablet, your kid will be able to learn a lot of new things in an exciting manner. A variety of educational applications are also available for the kids and they would never get bored. If you have purchased an Android mini tablet for your kid, here is a list of the best educational apps that you can install in it.

1. Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet is one of the most popular educational apps for kids that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It can introduce the letter of the alphabet to your little one. In addition to the letters, simple words will also be taught, which would help the kids to remember the letters that they have learnt. The letters and words would be taught through a series of small games. These games have the ability to keep the kids engaged for hours.

2. Dr. Seuss Collection
Most of the parents prefer to get the Dr. Seuss collection for their little ones. Now you don’t need to spend money on the hard copy of Dr. Seuss Collection because it is available in the form of an Android app. You just need to download this app to the Android mini tablet of your little one. All the fantastical illustrations that you can find in Dr. Seuss books can be found on the app along with imaginative creatures.

3. PicsArt Kids
Kids love to spend their time with drawing and painting. PicsArt Kids is an app that can be introduced for such kids. This doodling and drawing app has the ability to enhance the aesthetic skills of your little one. The app comes along with a variety of activities, which have specifically been designed for kids to enjoy. The coloring book mode is the most impressive feature that you can find in this app. It is also possible for the kids to get a blank canvas on the screen and create their doodles on it.

4. Dragonbox Algebra
Dragonbox Algebra comes into the list of best educational apps because of its ability to teach the basics of mathematics to the little ones. This app has been designed for kids who are aged over 5 years. It has a series of simple logic puzzles, which can enhance the knowledge about algebra. In fact, the game has more than 200 different puzzles.

5. Lego City My City
This app is based on Lego building blocks. With this app, your little ones will be able to keep on building entire cities with Lego building blocks. This app also has city vehicles such as fire trucks and helicopters. Therefore, your kid will be able to think out of the box and play around with available resources. Existing vehicles can also be modified to make new ones.


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