Feb 14,2017

Computers and Online Games for early childhood education

How many times have you found yourself wondering “What can I do to help my kid learn to read”, “learn to use a computer”, “learn to talk”, “identify the colors” or simply “learn how to play puzzles”?

I remember being in that position, looking at my Google browser and searching for “Cool games for kids”, “Online games for kids”, “Fun games”, yet I didn’t find the result I was looking for. I probably didn’t even know what I was looking for.

After many trial and errors I finally found the tools I wanted my child to explore before he’s ready to go to school. Pre-k is the stepping stone of the educational system. Unfortunately, not all schools are geared towards positive education and some even expect our kids to enter the educational system already knowing and identifying colors and letters. As a result, kids might feel the pressure from the teacher and the competition with their peers triggering an undesired anxiety and frustration.

Teachers are facilitators, their main role is to hold our child’s hand and help our children take those very important first steps of education while having fun. Why play is so important? Because through play kids are engaged in an activity while being focused, paying attention and fun creates a positive experience which anchors the knowledge. Boys and Girls play with puzzles, they pretend play, their parents set up play dates with playmates, it’s all about playtime when you are a kid because playing is fun and play is the best tool for learning.

So what can parents do to better prepare their kids enter preschool and have a positive experience? That’s when early childhood education comes to play.

Of course I’m not saying that Pre-k is only letters and colors, there are many more components to early childhood education, but at least we can start identifying the most important tools of early childhood education.

Kids with special needs also need to be exposed to letters and colors. We need to stimulate kids with special needs with as many tools as we have on hand. The internet is an amazing tool to help our kids learn while playing. There are numerous online puzzles, educational games to help our kids learn colors, letters, learn how to read, learn how to talk and we need to use them all. Why wouldn’t you try a free online game? The concept that free online games are bad is outdated. Most online playing platforms make millions just with advertisement; they don’t need to sell the application.

From my personal experience, when my son entered nursery school for 3 year olds, the school teacher mentioned many times how kids at that particular nursery school were exposed to computer and the importance of introducing computers at an early age. We learned to use a computer when we were teenagers, some of you probably during your elementary school years. Still, our kids are expected to learn how to use a computer when they are toddlers! We don’t need to follow every trend, but of course we need to contemplate that the sooner our kids learn the latest technologies the easier it will be for them to use them, dominate them and be successful grown-ups!

Free Online GamesKids don’t know what they want yet they easily reject what they don’t want. Kids want to have fun, play games be entertained while learning. Kids want to learn, they are naturally curious and we as good parents need to provide our kids with the best tools available to us to help them learn. Remember that through play they develop concentration, problem solving skills, logical thinking abilities and much more!

Online puzzles are an excellent tool to learn shapes, colors, animals and letters. These games are considered educational games or early childhood education games.

These fun online games offer parents the opportunity to be with their kids while they learn. Kids will need help from their parents the first times to learn how to use the computer mouse, drag and drop with a click and use the keyboard. These online educational games will foster a bond between parent and child while the parent teaches and the kid learns while playing. Some parents will even be tempted to homeschool after realizing that sharing time with our kids while teaching them is something really beautiful.

The importance of early childhood education cannot be stressed enough. I suggest you explore the different games offered here at Brain Games for tots. These free online educational games for kids will teach your kid identify shapes, animals, letters while having fun! Look for even more online games, not only these ones. The key to early childhood education is repetition. Download as many free online games to help your kids learn shapes, colors, letters, animals. The more your kid is exposed to these free online games the more fun he’ll have while learning.

There are multiple toy that also teach letters, colors and animals with wooden pieces. These are also a great tool for early childhood education. Physical games help a great deal in developing fine motor skills and cannot be easily replaced by online games. A good balance of online educational games and educational games will be key for the success of your kid at pre-k.


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