Feb 14,2017

Looking for the best online puzzles and games for kids?

Looking for the best online puzzles and games for kids? Do you want them to be educational? Then look no further.
Queleas is a wonderful safe place for kids to play while taking their first steps with a computer. These games are also available on the Iphone store, Android and Facebook.
With Queleas your kids will be exposed to games that will develop different skills such as fin motor coordination, language development, communication and mathematical thinking.
Puzzles are a great way to develop logical thinking and no better moment to start than when your kids are at their prime ready to absorb as much information as possible.

The importance of play in education cant be understated. Through play kids learn the most because they are having a positive experience which enforces the educational experience.
Also, these games help build their self esteem and confidence. The assignments are right for their size, small! and after they complete them they will receive the little pat on the shoulder that will help them build their confidence to take on the next challenge.
Puzzles to fit pieces together, games where you have to pop balloons, move and drag objects, spelling games where kids get a first glance at the alphabet all are part of this great gaming platform.
Queleas is a free online game so take the opportunity to play with your kids, guide them through the process and they will have a great time while learning how to use the computer.
Once they start playing it they will ask you to play it again, it is that good!

Queleas is constantly adding new games to keep the online games fresh and updated. Theres always something new to play and something new to do. New challenges are always introduce to improve the skills and to make the game entertaining while educational. Kids love online games but its very important to choose the right fit for your little ones. Many games are so called "educational" but not always are. The key is to introduce new elements, things that will be part of the school curriculum and thus educational. Spelling, logical thinking, language development are all fundamental steps in a childs education.


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