Feb 17,2017

Importance of Parents Playing With Kids

While kids do need some alone time to play and bond with fellow kids without the intervention of adults, research shows that playtime with parents is also very important.

Kids crave some quality time with their parents. It gives them some special feeling of being loved. Parents are encouraged to map out some time to spend playing with their kids from time to time. This time should comprise one on one time with each child and group time with all of the kids in the home. If you have an only child or are a single parent, occasionally invite family or friends over to play.

There are many reasons why it is important for parents to play with their kids, and we’re going to look at just a few. One of those reasons is parent-child bonding. Playing with kids builds a lasting bond between the kid and parent. It lets the child know he or she is appreciated and loved. It opens the door for sharing concerns and problems whenever the need arises. It helps the parent get to understand and know the peculiarities of each child. It is also has a way of reducing stress for parents who are overworked. Family Activities are incredible for the entire family. They help create strong family bonds that last forever. It is said, and it is true that a family that plays together stays together. They also are more supportive, cooperative, and have open communication. These qualities pay off in huge ways by increasing social skills, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging that helps kids and teens show trustworthiness when confronted with difficulties and challenges.

Kids also learn through play time with parents. Kids learn and effectively have a control of their environment while playing. The mere knowledge that your kid is learning while having fun should make you want to join in on the fun. It’s an opportunity to get to understand your kids– and a moment for your kids to know you more. Apart from kids learning about their parents and their environments during play time, playing with kids also gives parents the opportunity to learn and find out more about their kids. When we play with our kids, we learn about them. We learn about what they like, what they don’t like. We learn about their weaknesses, strengths, personalities, etc.

From the foregoing, we have seen that setting time aside for fun whether it’s to build with Legos, color paintings, or join in on a game of Monopoly is crucial. When parents set aside their adult responsibilities and join in on the fun, it shows kids how much they’re loved. Not only that but when we get in on playtime with the kids, we’re spending quality time with our kids and telling them that we love them. Parenthood is more than basic care – taking time out to join the games your kids are playing is also a vital part of parenthood. Parenthood is not all about meal making, bedtime routines, and boo-boo fixing; but the little times we spend with our little ones are a huge part of parenthood.


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